Macquarie Knight Constructions was founded upon the project management and construction of “dual occupancies”, and believe we are the premier builder within this sector for the following reasons:

  1. We have constructed well of 200 projects throughout the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions, and accordingly, have acquired a tremendous level of expertise in the field as a result;
  2. Internally, we monitor over 40 subdivisions across the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions, seeking the best locations for dual occupancies. This unique benefit allows us to secure the best locations early (i.e. the blocks with the best orientation, price, gradient, positioning soil classification and overall location);
  3. Through many years of creating dual occupancies across a number of Council precincts (Local Government Areas – LGA’s), we have developed an intimate understanding of what is required to comply and be approved in a timely manner. We have forged strong and respectful working relationships with all LGA’s in our chosen area, and the benefit of this relationship is passed onto our clients.
  4. We have identified expert consultants who have a thorough understanding of both LGS’s and dual occupancy development. Our Designers, Engineers, Consultant Town Planners, Surveyors etc. have been selected for their professionalism and knowledge of dual occupancy development.
  5. Dual occupancy development typically requires customised design for each new project, due to each properties unique site conditions. Having said that, we have amassed a library of completed projects that are used as “inspiration” for each new project. Our clients are exposed to this library prior to their design phase, to assist in creating each of their unique projects;
  6. Our preconstruction and construction processes are tailored to dual occupancy development, thus minimising time frames and creating cost effective developments;
  7. Our high level workmanship and inclusions is unique in our sector. Macquarie Knight Construction has always had a reputation for quality dual occupancy development – which we cherish. This is a direct result of our “best in class” Supervision, careful selection of upgraded inclusions, thoughtful designs tasteful colour selections. Our goal is to create two dwellings that, if chosen by the developer, can be on sold to Owner Occupiers who are seeking a well-designed, highly well built, contemporary dwelling.
  8. Constructing dual occupancies is a specialised process, one that we are intimately aware of. There are a great number of “pitfalls” that the novice developer can stumble upon – potentially causing significant cost overruns, time delays and compliance complications. The benefit of our experience and wisdom in this sector is second to none, and is shared freely with all of our clients.
  9. Finally, Macquarie Knight Constructions can offer its services to clients who have already identified their site, or even undertaken their own DA/CC on this own site. Our construction volumes and dual occupancy construction specialist techniques offer the developer significant advantages within this sector.