According to, Newcastle is one of the top 5 Australian cities you should consider moving to if you’re struggling to afford a house or job, or just in need of a change.

“At 160km north of Sydney, Newcastle still offers access to Australia’s largest city while residents of the area get to take in scores of pristine beaches. Ease of access to nearby centres including the Hunter Valley provides a far greater choice of homes. According to PRD, the median house price in the Hunter Valley is $400,000. To live on the beach in Newcastle city itself the price tag is more expensive at A$1 million dollars.

Since BHP left Newcastle it is has forced the area to become more diversified, and make that inevitable pivot towards the services sector.

The area attracts large tourist numbers, and stages international events from sporting to music concerts.

Population: 322,278 (Newcastle urban area — the greater region has a larger population)

Industries: Mining, tourism, commerce, wine, agriculture and port services.

Unemployment Rate: 5.1 per cent

Average Salary: $56,639 p.a. (across all industries)

Infrastructure: Hospital, airport, train access and major port

Tertiary Education: University of Newcastle

Median Property Price: $411,000 (Greater Hunter Valley area)

Source:, PRD, ABS (2016 Census)”


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